Metal Wing: Super Soldiers-Metal Wing: Super Soldiers v13.0 MOD APK (God Mod, Unlimited Money)

Metal Wing: Super Soldiers-Metal Wing: Super Soldiers v13.0 MOD APK (God Mod, Unlimited Money) title=

Metal Wing: Super Soldiers


Metal Wing: Super Soldiers is a 2D side-scroller shooter with new unique gameplay and traditional characteristics from the greatest. Play as Contra, a soldier from another world’s Elite Force Metal Wings, who wields legendary weaponry to take down everything that threatens the peace, from bio-tech warriors to massive mechanic weapons, to unique enemies, all waiting for you in the combat zone.


The commando strike game is one of those authentic commando covert mission games that will have you on the tip of your seat with its nerve-wracking gameplay. Get your guns ready for the ultimate action game by locking and loading. Move around with the pad and touch to leap and fire. Use a variety of firearms and explosives! Daily practice shooting abilities, obtain various strong firearms and hand grenades, cover yourself smartly in various objectives, and defeat adversaries to complete your goal and begin next.

In Battleground, your aim is to eliminate any adversaries moving around you. Keep an eye on the rebels as they acquire new vehicles and powerful weapons. Face actual obstacles, transform into a warrior shooter, and reclaim control of your homeland by eliminating all adversaries and terrorists.

Secret commando assignment in FPS Feel like a genuine commando on covert missions in this free shooting game. Install Metal Wing: Super Soldiers if you want entertaining shooting games or fascinating 3d gun shooting games.


This fps commando game’s realistic shooting effects and user interface will keep you entertained. The easy controls and basic gameplay will keep you entertained for hours. This metal squad fps gun shooting game has amazing visual graphics to keep you entertained.In various levels, you play as a commando shooter to secure locations, neutralize bombs, or rescue captives. We have a shooting game with endless levels.Each level is unique, and as a commando, you must employ army weaponry, rifles, and grenades to defeat your enemies. In the combat environment, your metal squad must be mindful of harmful traps and barriers. This alpha weapons game is perfect for those who like strategy games.At each level, unlock new weaponry and firearms. As you progress in this metal shooter: run and gun game, you will face new difficulties and acquire new weapons. Finish all covert missions, rescue civilians and eliminate terrorists.Install this metal shooter commando game and play anytime, anyplace without money or internet connection.